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What young girl doesn't look forward to the day she can start wearing mascara and lipstick? Using makeup is a time-honored rite of passage for teenage girls on the way to adulthood.

If you have acne though, using makeup can be more of a nightmare than a dream. Will it make your complexion look worse instead of better? Will your makeup make your acne problem even worse? Confusion can be enough to make you forego the idea of makeup altogether. 

The good news is that acne doesn’t have to stop you from wearing makeup if you need to.  As with all other aspects of your skin care program, it takes planning to do it right. Use the following list of tips and advice to understand the do’s and don'ts of using makeup on acne-prone skin.


Does Makeup Cause Acne?

Definitive Guide To Makeup And Acne

One of the more difficult questions that usually comes up regarding makeup is whether or not it causes acne. The term acne cosmetica was coined in the 1970s, referring to a form of acne caused or aggravated by makeup that tends to affect your chin and cheek areas.

The development of gentler cosmetics has greatly reduced the incidence of acne cosmetica, but breakouts can still be indirectly caused by makeup use due to poor skin preparation, lack of cleaning or improper application. 

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