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If you’ve ever used an over the counter skin care product, you’ve probably taken notice of those tiny little microbeads without even knowing it.

Microbeads, which are also used extensively in health care research and industrial applications, are widely found in skin care products, providing a slightly gritty texture in the product, which helps to mildly exfoliate the hair, face and skin.

While they’re small and difficult to see, microbeads are attractive for skincare and acne treatment companies because they’re, quite simply, cost effective.

The grim truth, however, is that products with microbeads present a threat to the environment and public health that many people are unaware of, far outweighing any personal skincare benefit you might be receiving.

We've put together a list of all the things you need to know about this controversial ingredient that’s endangering our oceans, lakes, waterways and other vital ecosystems:

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