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Eco-Friendly and Microbead-Free

ClarityMD is a socially responsible brand and committed to creating only eco and environmentally-friendly formulas. Our formulas DO NOT contain plastic pellets or microbeads of any kind unlike other leading acne products.


Many other leading acne brands include plastic microbeads in their cleansers to “scrub” the acne off your face. Not only is this a harsh way to treat acne, it’s also harsh on the environment. For decades, billions of these tiny plastic beads have been washing down the drain and out into our waterways and oceans, polluting the oceans and negatively affecting marine life.


7 states including California have officially banned microbeads because they have been deemed to be so damaging to the environment and more states are certain to ban them soon.


ClarityMD’s formulas are designed to eliminate acne AND be gentle on your skin. Not only do we clear skin, we help make it healthier and more beautiful. Our formulas are designed to penetrate the pore and deliver our Bionutrient Clarity Complex to the exact location where acne forms WITHOUT using microbead “scrub pellets” to grind off the top layer of your skin. The result is gentle but POWERFUL acne healing properties and a beautiful, gently-treated complexion.

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