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Nature Powered Ingredients

ClarityMD Bionutrient Clarity Complex

Bionutrient Clarity Complex (The Clarity Cocktail):

Bakuchiol (Buh-koo-chee-aal) Potent bionutrient with powerful retinol-like anti-aging properties destroys sebum and helps to neutralize bacteria without irritation.

Active Chamomile Extract (not your grandma’s tea) Exhibits amplified skin-calming benefits. Soothes redness and irritation before it begins.

Salicylic Acid (a bitter-sweet compound) Multi-functional Beta Hydroxy Acid found in raspberries, penetrates stubborn oil and dead skin cells to flush out congested pores.

Glycolic Acid (small, safe and spectacular) The smallest Alpha Hydroxy Acid lifts away pore-clogging and discolored surface cells while refining skin’s texture.

The story begins with a lesson from nature…

Our Bionutrient Clarity Complex is a skin care revolution born of the desire to banish acne without the use of harsh ingredients that torture innocent skin.

Until now, most skin care products eliminated acne with a cost – to your skin. Overdrying, flaking, stinging and redness, not to mention premature aging was the price we all paid for clearer skin.

We knew there had to be a better way — and we found it.

Our journey led us to a little-known powerhouse bionutrient called Bakuchiol (buh-koo-chee-aal). Derived from the powerful Babchi plant, retinol-like Bakuchiol has been used for centuries in holistic medicine to quickly and gently resolve skin concerns that range from blemishes to visible signs of aging.

The challenge? No one had been able to fully unlock its true skin-healing potential. Until now.

Combined with our powerhouse acne-eliminating Salicylic Acid, skin re-texturizing Glycolic Acid and ultra-soothing Active Chamomile Extract, Bakuchiol works in perfect harmony to clear acne FAST* while supporting a luminous, silky, radiant complexion.

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