5 Most Common Misconceptions about Adult Acne

While many people nostalgically consider the teen years to be the best time of their lives, the truth is that most of us are happy to put that awkward time behind us. However, we can’t always leave those awkward teenage experiences completely in the past, which also includes problems with acne.

Adult acne can be discouraging for those who suffered from it as teenagers, and dismaying for those who develop it for the first time. As stated by the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), “Today, virtually every case of acne can be successfully treated.”

Common Misconceptions about Adult Acne

Understanding the truth behind some common misconceptions about adult acne is essential to overcoming this very common problem.  Here are five of the most common misconceptions about adult acne:

1. Acne happens only to teenagers.

Unfortunately, acne just won’t magically disappear once you enter adulthood.  Medication, diet and changing hormone levels in adulthood can trigger adult acne, even for individuals who have never suffered from it before. According to WebMD, women are more prone than men to develop adult acne, with greater numbers of females regularly suffering from it compared to men.

2. Acne is not serious enough to affect adults emotionally.

In fact, acne troubles can lead to chronic, debilitating depression. Adults are not immune to low self-confidence or a lack of self-esteem, but acne can cause sufferers to withdraw from social contact even further and may inhibit their desire for growth or positive outcomes physically, emotionally and spiritually.

3. Acne doesn’t cause anxiety.

Acne is one of the leading causes of anxiety for all age groups. The British Journal of Dermatology published a study showing that acne sufferers are vulnerable to social, psychological and emotional effects as profound as those with chronic health problems such as diabetes and arthritis. Negative emotional impacts can be profound for adults suffering from adult acne.

4. Acne is caused by stress.

Stress as a factor that contributes to acne has not been completely dismissed by the medical community. Various studies have shown that people already suffering from acne breakouts can get worse with stress, but medical professionals have largely debunked stress as an actual cause of acne. This is true for adults as well as adolescents, despite their increased stress levels.

5. Adults don’t experience bullying.

Unfortunately, bullying is not limited to just kids, teens or young people in general. It may be hidden under the guise of “constructive criticism,” but adults can be just as likely as youngsters to target and harass others based on appearance. Roughly 54 million Americans reported workplace bullying at some point in their career, showing that this behavior does not vanish during adulthood.

Knowing the facts about adult acne gives you a greater foundation for successful treatment.  Effective solutions like Clarity MD’s acne system provide fast, effective, nature-powered acne treatments that can provide long term relief for adult acne sufferers.

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