ClarityMD Maximizes Outcomes Through Tolerability

Topical acne product ingredients can be very harsh, often because of the alcohol contained within them. Coupling that with the fact that topical treatments typically take a long time to work properly, compliance, or getting patients to actually use the product as prescribed, is a HUGE concern for any type of acne treatment. If a patient doesn’t use the product, they simply can’t reap the benefits of it.

In his article on Aesthetic Guide titled “Envy Medical Acne Topical Maximizes Outcomes Through Tolerability”, Contributing Editor Kevin Wilson highlights how ClarityMD’s acne solution solves the compliance issue because “its constituents are not only scientifically proven and powerful, they’re gentle and tolerable, promoting proper patient use.”

The article also highlighted ClarityMD’s “efficacy and safety with significant outcomes” that appeared within two weeks and even better results after four to six weeks of treatment.

ClarityMD contains salicylic acid and a patent-pending combination of botanical ingredients, including bisabolol and bakuchiol. Combining bisabolol with its anti-inflammatory properties and bakuchiol, a naturally derived anti-microbial shown to control oil production, ClarityMD’s alcohol free formulation maintains extreme high levels of tolerability and compliance in patients.

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