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ClarityMD Press and Media Mentions3/22/16 - Prevention
14 Beauty Secrets Dermatologists Swear By - We asked 12 dermatologists to reveal the one skin care step that gets top billing in their daily routine.

2/23/16 - SheKnows
5 Dermatologist-approved spot treatments to get rid of a pimple fast - No secret ingredient to beating a breakout? Here are a number of derm-recommended emergency pimple treatments (and what you should NOT try.)

2/23/16 - Style Under Pressure
Tackle Hormonal Acne Without Drying Out Your Skin - Some of StyleUnderPressure's favorite skin care products used religiously to keep acne at bay.

2/5/16 - Xojane
7 TSA Pre-Approved Beauty Hacks for the Constant Traveler - After spending an inordinate amount of time on planes with hectic work travel, here's my list of beauty hacks for the constant traveler.

2/4/16 - The Soulful Spoon
Vegan and Cruely Free Skincare Giveaway from ClarityMD - Profile of ClarityMD's cruelty free, microbead free, toxin-free skincare products that are made with absolutely no animal products.

2/3/16 - Happi
Konjac Sponge Electric Slide - Overview of the US at-home beauty device market and the increasing number of consumers incorporating skin care and beauty devices into their daily routines.

12/31/15 - The Gloss
The 9 Best Beauty Tips We Received This Year - A list of the best beauty, hair, nails and skincare tips and hacks from in 2015.

12/1/15 - San Francisco Examiner
Top Cleansers for All Skin Types - Rebecca Kazin, MD, of the Washington Institute of Dermatologic Laser Surgery and the Johns Hopkins Department of Dermatology describing the best skincare cleansers for your skin type.

11/22/15 - NBC Sacramento
Winterizing Your Beauty Regiment - Sadie Murray the ‘Go to Girlfriend’ on KCRA provides great beauty regiment tips to keep your luster (including ClarityMD) to fight off the drying effects of winter weather.

11/19/15 - The Gloss
Beauty Myths: Is it Ever Okay to Pop a Pimple? - Interview and discussion with Chief Scientific Officer for Clarity MD Dr. Felipe Jimenez discussing the best way to treat acne.

11/17/15 - Beauty News NYC
ClarityMD Gets Rid of Acne Without Aging Your Skin

11/14/15 - The Gloss
Does This Charcoal Sponge Really Give You A Clearer Complexion?

11/8/15 - New Beauty
365 Days of Beauty: Fun, Free and Fabulous Prizes

11/6/15 - It's a Glam Thing
Get Tough With Acne

11/2/15 - Kelly's Thoughts on Things
Get Clear Skin with ClarityMD

10/23/15 - The Beauty Closet
Quick Tips & Tricks to the Perfect Nighttime Skincare Routine

10/14/15 - Lyra Mag
Skin Primer for Fall Beauty

10/13/15 - Hotsy Totsy Beuaty
Let Me Be Clear

10/9/15 - YouBeauty
2-Step Skincare Routine That’ll Clear Up Your Acne

10/5/15 - San Francisco Examiner
Best in Skincare 2015

10/2/15 - YouBeauty
Natural Ingredients That Fight Acne

9/30/15 - Hello Natural
Magic of Tidying Up and More

9/29/15 - Byrdie
How to Instantly Banish Adult Acne Once and for All

9/25/15 - YouBeauty
How To Get Skin So Clear You Don't Need Makeup

9/23/15 - Klassy Kalifornia
Clearing Up My Face with ClarityMD

9/20/15 - Belle Meets Glam
ClarityMD Giveaway Acne Kit

9/19/15 - Good Day Sacramento
Acne Be Gone

9/17/15 - The Gloss
Best Cleansers For Different Skin Types

9/16/15 - Beauty Brite
Flawless Skin by Fall

9/13/15 - Put A Little Umbrella In Your Drink
Beat the Breakouts with ClarityMD #concealnothing

9/9/15 - YouBeauty
Best Way To Treat Acne for Your Skin Type

9/6/15 - Belle Meets Glam
ClarityMD 2 Step Acne System

8/31/15 - Derm Report
ClarityMD Acne System Review

8/29/15 - Beauty Is Our Addiction
Beauty Is Our Addiction

8/28/15 - Life of a Mad Typer
ClarityMD Acne System Review

8/7/15 - Beautiful Mommies
The ClarityMD Skin Mission

8/7/15 - Beauty Brite
3 Steps to Clear and Youthful Skin

8/1/15 - The Beauty Closet
Conceal Nothing & Have A Worry Free Skincare Routine with ClarityMD

7/24/15 - Girly Girl Giveaways
ClarityMD Giveaway

6/29/15 - San Francisco Examiner
Best Facial Pads for Your Skin

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